Here at CG Content Marketing, we specialise in putting websites on the first page of Google.

SEO, the right way.

We implement content marketing strategies to grow your website’s organic traffic and expose your brand to new people. People who are actively searching for topics related to your industry.

A solid content marketing strategy does four things.

Grows Traffic

It helps new people discover your brand. The idea is that when people Google a question relevant to your industry, your website comes up as the answer, driving waves of new people to your website.

Generates Leads

Content marketing ultimately helps generate high-quality leads. More website traffic equals more potential for capturing leads—hot leads that you know need a solution to a problem. A solution that you provide.

Builds Authority

Content marketing helps reinforce authority within your industry by showing people you have the knowledge needed to solve their problems. You will come up on the 1st page of Google when they search for a question. 

Increases Perceived Value

It provides your target market with some valuable information for free. By doing this, you're showing potential customers that you are an expert within your industry and that they can trust you to deliver.

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As SEO consultants, we implement effective content marketing strategies to grow traffic

As Google evolves and its algorithm becomes more AI-driven than ever before, the spotlight has firmly fallen on high-quality, unique and factually accurate content. 

It’s our job as leading SEO consultants in the UK to keep on top of the ever changing world of SEO. Keyword stuffing will no longer get you anywhere. The best way to rank is through well-researched content that demonstrates your authority within your niche. 

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