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If you want to increase your web traffic, there’s one simple, undeniable truth at the heart of everything on the web:

Content is king – and SEO copywriting is the crown upon its head.

Sure, you’ll hear a lot of different takes from internet gurus of varying levels of expertise – and varying definitions of “expert” – on how you can game the system and improve your page rankings. Everyone seems to have a secret new “breakthrough” system that they swear will generate more traffic.

But at the end of the day, if you don’t give people compelling, readable content, material that grabs their attention and – crucially – is calibrated to match their interests in the vast sea of shiny nonsense that is the modern internet, you’ll be out of luck.

A Premium SEO Copywriting Service at CG Content Marketing

It may be true that content is king, but without quality SEO (search engine optimisation), the king won’t have many visitors.

At CG Content Marketing, everyone on our team of web experts and writers understands this.

Along with having the skills and expertise to create consistently premium-quality, original content, we know how vital it is to take the extra step of making sure your posts are SEO-friendly. Crafting content with a clear-eyed understanding of SEO trends, and sharp, up-to-the-minute search term analysis maximises your website’s chances of appearing in an organic search.

The result is increased traffic and more people hearing about your products or services.

That’s why it’s essential for any growth-oriented, forward-looking company or organisation to bring in professional SEO copywriting services like those we provide at CG Content Marketing.

What is SEO Copywriting?

It’s a big, bad, beautiful internet we share here, folks. Competition for eyeballs is fierce.

As most people can probably guess, the majority of those eyeballs find their way to your page via search engines.

Statistics show an astonishing 93% of all web experiences begin with a search engine. So knowing which words to highlight and put front and centre so search engines can find you can make all the difference when it comes to generating web traffic.

And that’s only the beginning of what we offer with our SEO copywriting service.

Who We Are

Working with professionals who are expert in finding the keyword combinations that come up in searches most often, and who can create natural, engaging, expert-level content that incorporates those terms gives you a leg up on your competition.

CG Content Marketing's SEO copywriting services

We provide you with content created by professionals who are all native English-speaking, expert writers. Every writer on our team is adept at smoothly weaving keywords into premium quality articles & blog posts, white papers, web pages & landing pages, listicles, how-to’s, explainers, and other kinds of posts with an organic, natural flow that’ll hook the reader and keep them engaged.

Why using SEO-friendly copywriting is important

  • Solid SEO copywriting is proven to increase organic traffic to your sites.
  • Well-crafted SEO content reinforces your brand identity in a smooth, readable manner.
  • Keeping a blog up to date shows potential customers that you’re active and engaged with your company website.
  • Top-quality SEO copywriting services provide a rich, organic supply of content to share on social media, thus amplifying your presence.

Our Content Creators

All of our writers speak and write English at a native level and have at least three years of experience creating SEO content on a professional basis.

Indeed, of all the applicants looking to join our writing team, only about one in ten reach even the interview stage. That level of expertise goes a long way toward explaining how we can consistently create premium-quality, SEO-primed content for our clients.

But another important point that sets CG Content Marketing apart is that not only are our copywriters skilled at creating SEO content – they’re also talented at researching, absorbing, synthesising, and explaining a wide variety of subjects.

Our SEO copywriting service creators come from all kinds of backgrounds and have expertise in a broad array of fields, meaning they can create detailed, clear, and concise material for your site regardless of the topic.

No matter how esoteric or wonky a subject might be, our writers are there for you. We have the chops to do a deep dive on any topic you can throw at us, aggregating data from a wide array of sources and distilling it down to digestible, SEO-friendly information bites that will help drive traffic to your site.

The Quality of Our Content

Everyone at CG Content Marketing, from the Director down through management to the front-line writers, takes pride in submitting only the best-quality, premium content.

The quality of our SEO copywriting service is reflected in the care we take not only to write the actual content but also in how we optimise keyword search terms and calibrate the content to include those keywords in a seamless fashion. We’re happy to include any specific keywords you would like to target, or we can research them for you for a small fee.

Professional service. Very good quality content. All my instructions were followed and I got exactly what I was looking for without any need to edit or re-write any part of the content. Very well done! Excellent company to work with!

Vladimir Krasniakov

We’re happy to create web content of all stripes, including homepages, “about us” pages, services pages, contact pages, and product descriptions for starters. We’re also well-versed in crafting articles, explainers, landing pages, white papers, blog posts, and more, all including premium SEO keywords that will get you more traction on the web.

CG Content Marketing: Our Guarantee

Our reputation is our bread and butter, and without client appreciation like the 5-star reviews of the kind you can find here, we couldn’t do what we do.

That’s why we proudly offer our clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our SEO copywriting services. Unlimited revisions until you’re delighted with our work are absolutely fine – although our clients rarely find revisions necessary.

But, if you’re still not completely satisfied at the end of the day, you can fall back on our 100% money-back guarantee. We’re so confident in the quality of our SEO copywriting service that if you’re not 100% satisfied – for ANY REASON – you can request a full refund.

No questions asked, no hard feelings.

It’s as simple as that.

We’re With You All the Way

There are many faceless copywriting agencies out there who are happy to take your order – then disappear off the face of the planet until they deliver the final product.

Not when you use CG Content Marketing SEO copywriting services.

You want your site to be perfect, of course.

So not only do you have our guarantee of satisfaction – but, at any point during the process of creating your SEO-optimised content, you’re able to reach out to a content manager to discuss your project. You can reach us via phone, live chat, or email at any point, and we’ll be happy to work through any issues you might have or help you clarify what you want your content to say.

Here’s how it works!

  • Place Your Order – Choose from our selection of attractively-priced packages, then fill out our simple online form and give us the details we need to get started. You’ll also see our phone number, email, and live chat link should you want to discuss anything in more detail with a content manager.
  • The Writing Begins – Our content managers will select the writers who are best suited to your requirements, and who bring the most relevant expertise to the table. They’ll then be assigned to produce your order. The writer will conduct the appropriate background work needed to properly craft the kind of article you want. We always create work that’s 100% original, exhaustively researched, and factually correct all the while incorporating the best keyword combinations in a smooth and easy-to-read manner.
  • Review Delivery – Once the writer has completed the piece, we’ll deliver it to you for review, to ensure that all the key points you and the content manager came up with in creating the project brief have been covered appropriately. As previously mentioned, any revisions you require are completely free, and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed at the end of the process.

Let’s Put You on the Map

Location pin on a map

We understand the difficulties of getting traction for an up-and-coming organisation or company trying to fight through the noise on today’s overcrowded internet.

And we understand that no one knows your enterprise better than you do.

But if you’re a busy leader trying to run the show, taking the time to properly craft an SEO-friendly, clear and engaging post that will draw internet traffic to your site is likely out of the question.

Take advantage of CG Content Marketing’s SEO copywriting services to turn the raw material of your ideas into a sleek, smooth, easy-to-read, SEO article or post that you can proudly display on your site.

Check out the packages we have on offer, and reach out today to find out more!

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