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Our methods increase exposure in a way that allows people to find you naturally.

We research the things people are Googling within your industry, write high-quality articles related to these topics and optimise using on-page SEO techniques to ensure people stumble across your website when browsing the internet.

SEO Copywriting Portfolio.

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These are just a few diverse examples of content we have produced. If you have any questions about our ability to produce content for specific industries, please get in touch.

A Managed SEO Case Study.

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We worked with Seatedly on our Six-Month Managed SEO Programme to drive organic traffic to their website and generate more leads.

We created both static and dynamic copy for their newly redesigned website. We analysed the competition as well as current search results and found relevant low-competition keywords to create content around. 

The goal was to increase organic traffic and generate leads for their sales team to follow up.

After the six-month programme had been completed, we saw a dramatic rise in organic traffic. This directly led to a number of high-value conversions.

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A selection of what we delivered.

Three months later.

High-value conversions as a direct result of organic traffic
Articles & pages written
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Increase in organic traffic
High-quality backlinks gained

What they said.

"We work with CG Content Marketing often and they never fail to deliver. They come highly recommended and for good reason — always flawlessly professional and dependable."
Ryan Kenny

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What is SEO?

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It's the process of optimising website content so it appears as close to the top of Google as possible.

  • What is SEO copywriting?

    SEO copywriting is the process of writing articles and blog posts with the intention of getting them to the top of search engines like Google.

  • Why is it important to publish articles and maintain a blog?

    Publishing blog posts allows you to create a lot of content. The more content you publish, the higher chance you have of ranking well. As well as increasing visibility, it also shows potential customers that you are an authority within your industry and establishes trust. By providing free content that helps people, they are more likely to trust your paid service or product.

  • What do your SEO copywriting services include?

    We take a macro-level approach to SEO. Our SEO copywriting services are just one part of what we do for clients. The packages we offer are made up of several different services: SEO copywriting, technical audits, link building, lead generation and optimising old content.

    We don't like to sell these services individually because we firmly believe that you need to approach SEO from multiple angles to achieve the best results. We're not in the business of delivering half a service that really won't have the impact it potentially could have. We also understand that you're purchasing results, not the method. Leave the technicalities to us. See our packages in detail.

  • How much does this cost?

    For detailed information about our prices, please visit the pricing page.

  • Can I arrange a call?

    Yes! We'd love to hear from you. You can use any of the methods found here, the live chat feature in the bottom right corner of this page, or any of the 'enter your email to get started' boxes. You'll be put in touch with a customer support agent in no time.

  • What are the benefits of a content marketing campaign vs a traditional PPC campaign?

    With traditional PPC advertising campaigns (Google ads, Facebook ads, etc.), you stop receiving traffic when you stop funding them. With a content marketing advertising campaign, you continue to welcome visitors to your website long after the campaign has ended. The basic principle is to attract organic traffic from search engines.

    With content marketing, not only are you attracting sustainable traffic, but you are attracting high-quality traffic. The people who land on your website through the organic search results are actively seeking out the service or product you supply. It goes without saying, hot leads convert at a much higher rate than cold leads.