The Anatomy Of A High Converting Landing Page

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There might not be a magic trick to guarantee your landing page has a high conversion rate but there are plenty of factors you can take into account when crafting it for optimum results. And, when you break it down, the anatomy of a landing page can be almost as simple as one, two, three…Follow the formula and you’ve got yourself a failsafe result. 

Let’s start at the top

While eight out of 10 people will read your headline, only two of those people will carry on reading. So, drawing people in with an eye-catching headline is the first step to ensuring your audience scroll beyond that top line. Your headline should state your value proposition simply without being too wordy. Short and snappy is the goal. 

Once you’ve mastered your headline, ensure your landing page has a visual focus with an image of some sort that’ll capture attention and intrigue. This could be a headshot, product shot or a video. A landing page that’s purely text is almost a recipe for disaster. 

Next, ensure you’re highlighting the features and benefits of your product or service. This is the all-important third step that’ll boost conversions with the benefits your audience will get by choosing to purchase from you. Features are great, but benefits that make your audience’s life easier are what will result in more conversions. Throw in statistics by explaining, on average, how much time they could save by purchasing from you. Everyone’s overarching goal is to make life simple so ensure you’re highlighting this on your landing page. 

So, now your audience is convinced…

…it’s time to place a single and focused call to action. Place it somewhere close to your benefits for a smooth user journey from reading to purchasing. You could place multiple CTAs throughout, but a super-focused one close to your benefits is thought to be the most successful. 

For those who still aren’t 100 percent convinced by your features and benefits, it’s time to add in the testimonials and more visual proof. Think of this as the cherry on top of everything you’ve mentioned above. Reviews add authenticity to a landing page and can help to encourage more conversions. 

And, in case that still doesn’t seal the deal…

…throw in a guarantee. From a free trial to a 30 or 60 day money back guarantee, it’s important for your audience to trust you and to feel comfortable. If they’re not happy, you’ll end up spending time refunding them anyway, so a guarantee will make life easier for everyone involved. 

The final step to creating a high-converting landing page is to integrate storytelling into the overall copy. Not only does this make the page far more readable and inviting, but people love to buy from people. Talk people through the emotional rollercoaster and the highs and lows of getting to this point of selling your product or service and you’ll likely see far more conversions. 

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